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The poems deal basically with these themes :



They are two sides of the same coin, and depend on one another.....are inseparable.


Gaelic Muse – this is the first poem, full of romantic idealism, written in Nottingham in 1963 at the age of 23

The Tigress – in contrast this is a bitter poem, written in self-imposed exile at Glastonbury in the winter of 1974

Winter´s Evening – written at Glastonbury in 1974, in the vale of Avalon

Now is the Time – a musical poem written in 1974, and it expresses realisations and insights into Reality

Awareness – a meditation on the nature of reality

Butterfly – composed on the Isle of Purbeck in Swanage, in the company of two poet friends, who decide to walk the cliff path while the writer stays behind.

You and I – the moment of meeting your soul-mate

Immortality – a philosophical poem based on certain insights

With your Love – written in Kingston upon Thames in 1975 , manuka is a fragrant flower which grows in New Zealand, and the nectar makes excellent honey

The Tao of Not-doing – based on Chinese Taoist philosophy. Tao = the Way

Love comes... - concerning the nature of love which is revealed with the death of the ego

The Way that we Wander – this poem is also about ¨the Way¨ and our attitude to life; it is about choosing what already is determined. Jesus said …..

Flirting with Creation – also written in 1979, as a reply to a poem received from Helen; it has cosmological connotations. First you will see Helen´s poem.

Memories – written in 1984 in Cornwall where the climate is very elemental.

Haiku Poems – Japanese poetry in which the essence is captured in 3 lines, the first line with 5 beats, the second with 7 beats and the third with 5 beats.

Only This – written much later, in the year 2000, the Year of the Dragon; it relates to the nature of the Universe, in which all is one indivisible whole and where the only time is now.

The Dance – a poem describing the possibility of finding love on the internet but with uncertain success.

The Book


    “The Way to Nowhere”


    The book exposes the way in which past knowledge and conditioned thought confuse the mind and prevent the individual from attaining his or her maximum human potential, and shows how belief divides and separates one from another, inevitably leading to perennial conflict in human affairs. It points the way, and serves as a guide, to the task of awakening into full conscious awareness and oneness with the ground of being for those who are ready and committed to the path which, as the reader will discover, is a way to nowhere.

    Alan S. Jones